Our Story

Developed to give new and expecting parents the fundamentals of infant and child safety, the Safe Start Online Program covers Safe Home, Safe Products, Safe Sleeping and Safe Travel all in an easy to follow session.

Founder and lead educator Nicolle Sharkey, has extensive insight and experience in risk and injury prevention. Her knowledge and up to date research provides the right resources, so you and the people that care for your children can identify the risks and make informed decisions around your child’s everyday environment – from home to out and about.

Meet Nicolle

My name is Nicolle and I am the founder of Safe Start Australia.

As a proud mum of 2 girls Ivy who is four and Aria who is one, I’m a Mum that is trying to do my best to keep my kids safe whilst still having fun!
My mission is to share with you what I have learnt along my parenting and professional journey focusing on childhood injury prevention.

Prior to having children, I worked as a Safety Manager in the mining and construction industry. I looked after all aspects of safety across various projects and managing safety in high-risk environments taught me a lot about people and risk in our every-day lives. In my current role as a volunteer within the emergancy department of a major childrens hospital I’m reminded constantly of how important it is to keep the safety of children in the forefront of every parents mind.

I’m passionate about educating new parents in the best way to prevent injury and I look forward to meeting you online soon!

Founder & Lead Educator

Our Mission

Safe Start’s mission is that every parent or carer of an infant or young child in Australia receives evidence-based injury prevention education. When this education is implemented our vision is that no child dies or sustains a lifelong disability from an unintentional injury that has occurred from preventable circumstances.

We aim to support you on your parenting journey with practical advice, prompts and valuable information that you can put into place from today.